Air-to-ground cinematography forms the basis of our service offerings. We are extremely experienced with and work with all major camera/gimbal systems, such as Cineflex, GSS, and The Eclipse.

With the ability to film anywhere, our aircraft and camera systems allow you to get the perfect shot every time.




We have access to multiple helicopters allowing your production to film air-to-air footage along with air-to-ground footage.

Our access to other aircraft extends from passenger helicopters all the way to military helicopters, meeting any productions needs.




Helicopters make for the perfect way to travel around and scout out locations for your next production.

Whether scouting out locations for aerial shots or ground-based shots, the speed and view from a helicopter for location scouting is matched by none.




Along with Ground-Prop use, our helicopters make great props in the air as well. The aircraft can be customized to meet your production's art design needs and can be flown around many settings and sets.

Our experienced aerial coordinators work closely with our pilots and the production crew to make sure everyone goes home safely and happy at the end of the day.




Our aircraft can be fully customized for your group-prop photography or cinematography needs.


The aircraft can be placed on many different types of platforms in a variety of different settings to facilitate shooting SFX sequences on the ground.



We have aircraft with photo doors on both sides. Some of our prominent customers are:

National Geographic, Yachting Magazine, Sail Magazine, Rolex Cup Racing, Newport Bermuda, and

Farr 40’s.

Research & Development


Our aircraft is certified in both the Normal and Restricted Category for electronic testing work. We do Research and Development work for Department of Defense Contractors, such as:

Textron Systems, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Electric, and Boat.

We have traveled nationwide when necessary to places such as: Yuma Proving Grounds and Aberdeen Proving Grounds.



We do work for the Utility Industry in the Northeast:

Visual Patrols, Real Estate Patrols, Vegetation Control Patrols, IR, and Carona Camera Patrols.

We provide video documentation: producing videos to be sent to vendors to bid on potential rights of way, contracts for line construction, and vegetation control.

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